Case 05: Operation issues - Operation in contact mode with dry nitrogen

Typical machines affected

All com­pres­sors


  • Wear of carbon dry gas seal faces or contacting separation seal rings


  • Carbon faces offer excellent dry running capabilities. However, if the supplied nitrogen is too dry (i.e. cryogenic source, very pure), the carbon faces will wear due to increased friction and lack of humidity
  • The carbon dust can contaminate the gas grooves and affect the lift-off capability
  • Increased wear can shorten the seal life time

EagleBurgmann solution

  • DiamondFace coated seal faces (all conditions)
  • DGS32 – dry gas seal with special grade carbon seal face (limitations on temperature, pressure and leakage)
  • CobaSeal – coaxial static lift-off type separation seal
  • CSR – contacting carbon ring separation seal with special grade carbon

Results & benefits

Increased reliability:

  • Increased lifetime of dry gas seals and separation seals
  • No more unplanned seal related compressor shut-downs

Further information:


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