Case 08: Leakage, Loss of product - Methane emissions while compressor stands still

Typical machines affected

Pipeline and gas storage com­pres­sors which are vented fre­quent­ly


  • High loss of valuable process gas and emission of big amounts of unflared environmentally harmful gas (e.g. methane)


  • Many compressors, especially in pipelines or gas storages, must be vented when they are in stand-still mode due to the limited continuous operation of displacement seal gas boosters
  • The venting shall prevent dry gas seal contamination, when the piston booster is switched off

EagleBurgmann solution

Ro­Tech­Boos­ter – cen­tri­fu­gal seal gas booster

Results & benefits

Reduced costs:
  • RoTechBooster allows pressurized stand-still
  • Saves up to 50,000 € per compressor and year in valuable process gas
Reduced emissions:
  • Reduced environmentally harmful gas emissions

Further information:


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