Case 09: Leakage, Loss of product - Excessive loss of process gas

Typical machines affected

All cen­tri­fu­gal com­pres­sors


  • Dry gas seal leakage of process gas, associated with high costs


  • Every dry gas seal has a small leakage
  • But leakage rates can be very different depending on seal technology, and often there is potential to substantially reduce leakage rates
  • In many processes (i.e. methane, refrigeration), it makes sense to reduce leakage in order to reduce associated costs and emissions

EagleBurgmann solution

PDGS10 and DGS21 – standard seals for high pres­su­res and low leakage, or another in­di­vi­du­al leakage op­ti­mi­zed solution

Results & benefits

Reduced costs:
  • PDGS seals can significantly decrease leakage rates
  • Reduction of 100 Nl/min saves over 25,000 €* per year and compressor in valuable process gas

* Based on gas cost of 0.25 €/m³

Reduced emissions:
  • Reduced environmentally harmful gas emissions

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