Case 10: Leakage, Loss of product - Outdated oil seals with high leakage and high power consumption

Typical machines affected

Com­pres­sors with oil-lub­ri­ca­ted seals in­stal­led


  • High power consumption of sealing system
  • High seal oil consumption
  • H2S emission possible
  • Oil contaminated process gas
  • High and undetectable process gas leakage to atmosphere


  • Oil seals (especially oil bushing seals with a shaft clearance) have relatively high oil consumption which can contaminate the process gas
  • The gas leakage is coming from the degassing tanks, where seal oil contaminated with process gas is going through, before it is re-used
  • The power loss is resulting from friction of the oils seals and the oil pumps which are supplying the seals

EagleBurgmann solution

EagleBurgmann provides out­stan­ding sealing so­lu­ti­ons for upgrade projects:

  • Oil-to-gas: Short Tandem Seal (Single DGS + CobaSeal)
  • Oil-to-oil: WRS mechanical oil seal

Results & benefits

Reduced costs:
  • Can save up to 100,000 € per year in operational costs
  • Can save up to 300,000 € per year in process gas
Ease of implementation:
  • Minor or no modification needed in compressor casing with Short Tandem Seal (Single DGS + CobaSeal)
Reduced emissions:
  • Reduced environmentally harmful gas emissions

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